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David Dillon

A David vs GOLIATH contest

 I know Federal politicians in Geelong all seem so pointless, no matter how we vote it’s always been a safe Labor seat for 55 years! Local councilor’s popping up to sit in the highchair. And what has it gotten us? Let’s do something different. As a true non-party aligned ‘clean skin’ – David is not red Labor, blue Liberal, Green or any one colour. He is more a mix of each without blindly being tied to one Party position or a “broad church” – of cruel opinions.

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Do you feel your politicians listen to you and act on what you say?

Do you feel your politicians listen to you and act on what you say? Most of us don’t win Lotto, but just try to find ways to make ends meet, prefer to feel like a ‘glass half full’ and do what we can to guide our kids on how to navigate the changing world successfully and independently. We rely on good Government policies to assist us along the way, not hold us back.

David is an independent thinker and not indebted to anyone for anything. He is more like the typical Labor constituent the incumbent is supposed to represent, or the aspirational working-class Liberal, a more balanced Green, and everything much of the Corio electorate is. We all know what it is like to take the first step to start off small and build things up. We don’t get anywhere near a local politicians’ salary (i.e., $382k pa) and expenses (i.e., $505k pa), and what do they give us in return?

Why David?

Local Knowledge

He has lived his whole life around Geelong. His family home was in Nagle Drive, back when everything over their back fence was orphanage and farmland.  David knows this town and region, its people, and the history like the back of his hand.

Accounting & Commercial Law

David has a Commerce Degree with majors in Accounting & Commercial Law and is a CPA.

David created the local award-winning wine brands Eagles Rise and Single Man wines so understands business.

Hands On Experience

A former farmer, wine maker and now completing a hands-on full rebuild renovation of a run-down heritage classified 90yo house to make it a beautiful home again.

What We Can Do Together

Campaign Priorities


To be responsive and accountable


Need the most supports to support themselves


Our lives and that of all life on Earth depends on it


We have the right to determine who come here - humanly


The right type of More Jobs & Stronger Economy


Pay what we are required to pay, no more, no less.


People don’t just want to feel safe; they need to be safe.


Need to be embedded in all activities.


Driven by us, not at us.


A lifelong journey.


David Dillon

Campaign News

#3 Get you around the clock nursing care in aged care

The Royal Commission. I do not need to add very much here, the blueprint has been supplied to fix this by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.…

#2 Get your health care when you need it.

Convene a working party – but not just any party – a can-do party. I would convene a working party with a maximum of four members from each interest group.…

#1 Get You From Renting To Buying Your Own Home Within 10Yrs

How: Lock in a pre rental agreement price valuation of the property you want to rent and maybe aspire (or not) to own one day, so home prices don’t jump…