David Dillon

A Whine For A Wine.


Your Voice

Let David know what matters to you

David is an independent Senate nominee hoping to become one of the 12 representing Victoria in the Senate. He values your opinion and wants to know if he is on track with his proposed initiatives.

He is offering to give away for free up to 22,000 bottles of quality local wine over the next 22 days of the election campaign to people prepared to let him know their #1 local & national priorities.

These are his own wines made under his labels ‘Eagles Rise’ and ‘Single Man’ – check out the Dan Murphy online website www.dans.com.au or www.wildwine.com.au for further descriptions of the quality and value of these internationally reviewed 4, 4 ½ & 5-star wines.

He asks that you either enjoy the wine at home on elections night as the votes roll in, or if he wins, bring it along as your entry ticket to the celebration event at a location yet to be determined, with your favorite take away or home cooked picnic meal. Community group international food vendors will be invited to supply typical street vendor ‘finger food’ at prices under $10 to celebrate our multiculturism.

Tell us your favorite music-video clip by 22 May 2022 to go in the draw for the big screen viewing on the night and massive prize draws – like a hot air balloon flight over Geelong ”…to see it from a different perspective.” And who knows what other working-class friends might drop in…

Thank you & Enjoy.