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David's Initiatives

Dream BIG, never take your eyes off the prize, & turn the dream into reality.

On 21 May 2022 Vote 1 for David DILLON for your Victorian in Senate, & using the Corangamite & Corio Electorates as a pilot site for all of Australia,

He will:

  1. Get you from renting to buying your own home within 10yrs.
  2. Get into cheaper and better childcare without wait times.
  3. Get all your Uber meals, electricity, health insurance, wines, mobile phone, internet, cheaper and NOT spike inflation.
  4. Get your small business up and running faster and effectively.
  5. Getting a quicker and more efficient health system.
  6. Save the planet by cutting local emissions by 50% in 4 years.
  7. Reboot the NDIS and set it on a better path.
  8. Allow pensioners to earn $10,000 extra per year without reducing their pension.
  9. Remove dumping and graffiti.
  10. Ensue our elderly have 24/7 Registered Nurse care.
  11. Save our indigenous wildlife.
  12. Control more sensible urban developments.
  13. Reallocate the funding model between Public and Private Schools.
  14. Assisting the most in need get on their own feet and those who want a job, find one.
  15. Get more from our 3 tiered Govt system without costing more.
  16. Hold Govt accountable by introducing the IBAC.
  17. Knowing you backed a winner in the big race.
  18. Get you to your “happy place”.


David will be releasing details of each initiative below during the campaign;



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David Dillon


#1 Get You From Renting To Buying Your Own Home Within 10Yrs

How: Lock in a pre rental agreement price valuation of the property you want to rent and maybe aspire (or not) to own one day, so home prices don’t jump simply because you are seeking to sign this type of agreement. Now for the following example I have used the current Greater Geelong median 3bedroom weekly rent of $480 per week. If you were to direct 10% of this rent into the leasing agent’s secure trust account (& interest still paid to the rent provider/owner annually) instead of an upfront Bond, that $48 per week would become $25,000 after 10yrs…

#2 Get your health care when you need it.

Convene a working party – but not just any party – a can-do party. I would convene a working party with a maximum of four members from each interest group. Ideally representative of the broader community profile and with a mix of field experience and service administration. The greater Geelong & Surf coast profile shows it should have a 50/50 mix of sexes, 50/50 mix of clinician/professional skills and clients, and be representative of the community at large being 17% with disability, 21% under 18yo, 17% 18yo-29yo, 22% 30yo-44yo, 24% 45yo- 64yo, 14% 65yo-84yo, and finally2% 85yo+ with a mix…

#3 Get you around the clock nursing care in aged care

The Royal Commission. I do not need to add very much here, the blueprint has been supplied to fix this by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. Please at least read the Chair’s Preface on Pg 1 and the Table of Contents Pg vii for the 26 Recommendations. Australia’s Largest Family-Owned Providers. Also read the Centre for International Corporation Tax Accountability and Research document of May 2019 ‘All in the family: Tax and financial practices of Australia’s largest family-owned aged care companies.’ These six companies operate almost 12,000 beds. It is 35 pages that will change the…